Sowing the seeds of peace, love & happiness.

The son of Greek and Italian immigrants, John Paul DeJoria was born with a strong work ethic and a natural enthusiasm for people. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was told by a high school teacher that he would never succeed at anything. John Paul proved that the way to become successful was to work hard -- he sold encyclopedias door to door, worked as a janitor and enlisted in the United States Navy.

Despite a harsh economic climate and even a period of homelessness, John Paul co-founded Paul Mitchell in 1980 and helped turn it into the world's largest privately owned salon haircare company. He went on to co-found the Patrón Spirits Company, John Paul Pet & JP Selects -- all privately held companies with high ethical standards and reputations for integrity.

John Paul signed the Giving Pledge in 2011 as a formal promise to continue giving back. That same year, he founded JP’s Peace, Love and Happiness Foundation to invest in charities that share the core values of his companies -- sustainability, social responsibility and animal-friendliness. John Paul, along with his family, believes that success unshared is failure. To that end, the DeJoria family is committed to contributing to a sustainable planet through investing in people, protecting animals and conserving the environment.

John Paul believes that the best way to help people is to empower them to help themselves. Currently, the foundation is investing in gardening and farming programs to equip people to feed their families and start small businesses. John Paul created and funds Grow Appalachia -- the largest gardening program of its kind in the United States. You can find out more about our nonprofit partners below.


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